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The Falconeer

Client: Wired Productions + Tomas Sala

Role: Console Development, Technical Support

Release: 11th of October, 2020

Platforms: Steam, GoG, Luna, Google Stadia, Epic Game Store, PS4, PS5, Xbox One/Xbox One S/Xbox One X (XDK), Xbox Series X|S (GameCore), Switch

Soar through the skies aboard a majestic warbird, explore a stunning oceanic world and engage in epic aerial dogfights, in this BAFTA-nominated air combat game from solo developer, Tomas Sala.


  • Responsible for handling the porting, SDK implementation and certification process for all the required platforms and devices
  • Optimized the initialization sequence performance to greatly reduce startup time
  • Implemented the save system using ScriptableObjects
  • Helped Tomas and the QA team investigate and resolve dozens of different crashes and errors on the different platforms
  • Replaced Rewired with Unity’s new input handling system
  • Fixed Tomas’ custom shaders so they worked properly on PS4 and PS5 hardware
  • Created the system for handling the PS5 trigger effects and implemented haptic feedback for all the weapons in the game

BAFTA Nomination


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