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My résumé is also available in both docx and pdf formats. If you have any questions, please use the contact form using the button below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Experienced and dedicated engineer, specialized in (cross platform) tool and game development


Programs: Maya, Blender, Visual Studio, XCode, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, ZBrush, Notepad++, Unity, Unreal Engine, Git, Plastic SCM

Languages: C, C++, C#, Java, Perl, Python, PHP


Stefander Games, Alkmaar, The Netherlands (February 2016-current)

CEO, Founder

  • Working directly with clients to prioritize and implement feedback, shortening iteration times
  • Developing for a large amount of platforms and devkits, ranging from Switch to PS5
  • Responsible for very diverse range of tasks, ranging from UI design and SDK implementation to networking setups

Little Chicken, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (February 2014-Jan 2016)

Game Engineer

  • Created proof of concept prototypes, for productions like AH Dinos and NoBrainer
  • Applied and motivated other members of the team to utilize SCRUM techniques
  • Designing and implementing gameplay mechanics

Monkeybizniz, Utrecht, The Netherlands (October 2010-December 2013)

Lead Engineer

  • Designed, developed and iterated the in-house 2D mobile framework
  • Developed level design tools for several productions by integrating similar third-party solutions (Box2D, Tiled) into the game code to improve turnaround time

Gamious, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (October 2011 – August 2013)

Game Programmer

  • Developed a water simulation solution based on vector fields, on top of Unity’s physics simulation
  • Created all the prototype assets (models, textures) for the experimental proof-of-concept

Guerrilla Games, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (January 2008 – December 2008)

Level Design Intern

  • Primarily responsible for the cover system (for both player and AI) throughout the entire game, a very large part of Killzone 2‘s gameplay mechanics
  • Responsible for the waypoint grids and path objects (transitional animations, such as hopping over objects). The quality of these grids greatly influences buddy and enemy behavior


Bachelor of the Arts & Technology + Master of the Arts in Creative Design for Digital Cultures (2009-2013)

Utrecht School of Arts & Technology, Hilversum, The Netherlands

Game Technology & Computer Science (Undergraduate Exchange Program, 2012)

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Australia

Associate’s Degree in Game Design (2006-2009)

MediaCollege, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


  • Crash Drive 3 (Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, 2021)
  • The Falconeer (PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Switch, Luna, Epic, GoG, 2020)
  • Besiege (PC, 2020)
  • KLM Jets (iOS/Android, 2015)
  • Runespell Overture (iOS, 2015)
  • ChaINGame (PC, 2015)
  • Napkin Game Studio (Android/iOS, 2013)
  • Tug of Gore (iPad, 2013)
  • Spel van de Gouden Eeuw (“Dutch Golden Age: The Game”, iPhone/iPod Touch, 2013)
  • PowerMatcher (Physical installation, 2012)
  • TijdTripper en de Verloren Schatten van Utrecht (“TimeTripper and the Lost Treasures of Utrecht”, 2011)
  • Killzone 2 (PS3, 2009)


  • BitPacker (C#, 2021)
  • Napkin Engine (C++, 2013)
  • Halo 4 Reader (C#/.NET, 2013)
  • Gridlock (C# using Unity, 2012)
  • Mental Asylum (UDK with Maya and Photoshop, 2011)
  • Club Bouncer (C# using Unity, 2011)
  • Polarity (C# using Unity, 2010)
  • Ton Racer (AS3, 2009)
  • Halo 2 Editor (C++, 2005)