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Runespell Overture

Client: Little Chicken + Mystic Box

Role: Lead Developer

Release: July 2015

Platforms: iOS (iPhone + iPad)

Runespell is a role-playing game. It combines poker mechanics with power ups and collectible cards. The world is set in an alternate medieval Europe and links historical characters with Norwegian mythology and sagas. The player takes on the role of the Changeling. Changeling is the son of a monster god and in search of his nemesis. Originally developed by Mystic Box, Little Chicken developed the remastered iOS version of the game.


  • Solely responsible for porting and upgrading the Unity 2 project to Unity 4
  • Manually tweaked and updated the codebase to restore functionality to all of the different parts
  • Fixed and/or tweaked various shaders so they were compatible with iOS
  • Worked with a handful of other developers and Mystic Box’s feedback to finish off and polish the game